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Reception room

The building is dedicated to entertaining a large room 25 by 16 meters with brick pillars supporting Romanesque arches and ringed with walls of brick pebbles and fourteenth century. The antique timbers, located more than 8 meters brings a record air and bright.

With this space of 400sqm, the number of guests up to 300 seated guests, while providing reception areas and dance. Great modular room is very bright with windows of semicircular arches as well as sliding glass doors. They promote outdoor access from all sides and facilitates the organization of a cocktail reception area were down inside if necessary.

Children's Room / Cloakroom


The outbuildings are dedicated to hosting, designated by the "Barn Swallows" and "House of Friends". they are made available during the reception in order to spare the guests after the party.

Children's Room / Cloakroom

Room juxtaposed to the reception hall can be used as dressing or as a placeholder for children. Multipurpose room that allows them to play or rest. Are available to you with a TV video camera and a microwave (for heating baby food for example). An outdoor play space is also available in the courtyard.


The Park


Logistics equipment

Additional services


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